shelf a, b, c

With hardly any visible support, books, compact discs and ring binders present themselves on the wall. The essence of linea1 shelves lies in their own absence. Their geometry is adapted to the contents they hold. A single laser-cut piece of 1.5 mm galvanized sheet steel is folded into a stable shape. Seen from the front, the shelves retreat to the back and the contents emerge. A shadow reveal towards the wall enables invisible mounting and enhances the impression of lightness. The ratio between the steel thickness and the span of the shelves, as well as their arrangement on standardized steel sheets mean using the material to full capacity.

→ Possible configurations _ bookshelf

table lamp tl.s

The light describes the object′s structure and informs about the relation between surface and volume. Three folded pieces of steel form a rectangular shape, opened up on top and the sides, where slanted planes let light flow out.

→ Product site: table lamp tl.s

magazine rack mr

Magazines float in front of a wall, the rack effaces itself. A row of five selected volumes fans out, immediately available to the reader.

Thanks to their geometry, several magazine racks can be combined in a row to form a continuous line.

→ Product site: magazine rack mr

coat rack cr

The coat rack appears as a plain rectangular solid on the wall. While not apparent at first glance, its function is discovered by locating the hooks on the underside. The top is sloped inwards to hold further objects. In use, the hard volume sets off the softness of the hanging fabric.

→ Product site: wall coat rack cr

everyday table

After a series of small furniture objects, linea1 has designed a large table, to eat, work, play and talk at. A table for everyday use.

Sheet steel is folded into a linear supporting structure and fitted to a solid wood table top. The everyday table seats up to 8.

→ Product site: everyday table